Beerhut tales- J

Yes, Buck used to be a truck driver. His favorite truck was red and furious, and there was nothing like life on the road. His mistress was the night, and the highway their accomplice. Years ago, Buck found a hidden treasure on a small town near Mexico: a beautiful small girl who loved orange color combined with the most girlish pink, as well as sex, and unicorns; a young woman who would give her heart to any man who invited her a drink. She was around 17, and smelled just like lavender.

Buck met Joanne in an old dinner where she was the waitress; she had him when she poured the coffee into his cup. “So, where you from?”, she asked him with a southern accent after getting him some scrambled eggs with bacon. “Form here, and there you know… life on the road”, he replied as confident as when he drove his red truck. After two days, six bottles of Jack, and some hours of rough sex, Buck left the town. While he was on the road, the only thing that he would remember was Joanne’s pureness shown through her smile.

All of a sudden, while the former truck driver was trying to get rid of his past, he remembered Joanne’s teeth fitting perfectly inside her lips, and her voice, her voice; that soothing sound of a woman trying to find the protection of a father in some unknown man’s arms. She had a wild heart, and he loved the stark. “I’m back on the road.”


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